Merely Me

I am neither diamond nor pearl

Nothing precious to be held tightly

or lovingly treasured

I am a mere pebble on the path of life

something to be trod upon

or mindlessly kicked aside

lest I cause damage or hurt

I am neither lily nor rose

nothing so beautiful to behold

and brighten someone’s day

I am the straggling, strangling weed

something that takes away from loveliness

a nuisance to be rid of

I am not like the sun or moon or stars

Nothing shining or bright

Nothing to gaze upon with wonderment and awe

I am the dark clouds, the drenching rain

against which one takes shelter

I am not the pleasure of the senses

Not a soft touch, a sweet taste, a comely sight

I am merely me, and I am fading away

and wondering if I will be missed when I am gone 






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