Just a size Me

 I am not a size zero

or a two or a three

and that is okay

cause I’m a size ME

Not perfect or flawless

That would be such a bore

and I refuse to give up chocolate

to become a size four

If my shape doesn’t suit you

 well that is just fine

Some men do prefer to drive a straight line

but if riding with me

you’d better learn how to swerve

cause like those old country roads

this gal has some has some curves

I’m soft and I’m luscious

no sharp edges to me

who wants just a twig

when you can climb a whole tree

I mean no discourtesy

to the leaner ladies out there

no that would be mean

and frankly unfair

because it really doesn’t matter

the size that we are

we ALL deserve to feel

like a bright shining star

By sticking together

we can set ourselves free

You be size YOU

and I’ll be size ME







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