Wasted Time

You tell me I’m your woman

but for me you have no time

You say I’m sorry and it’s a shame

and I say  that it’s a crime

I know you’ve heard that old saying

There is plenty of fish in the sea

You can bet hook, line and sinker

more than one would love to catch me

You say you are always in a hurry

Time together must be spent in haste

I say listen up you big shot man

Your good woman is going to waste

I’ve stroked and stoked your ego

Till it grew like a great big balloon

I also got the pin to prick it

Can’t wait to hear the boom

When your ego is deflated

then maybe you will see

just how good you had it

with a simple gal like me

Stop acting like your top dog

It don’t impress one whit

and if you don’t watch your bark

there’s a chance that you’ll get bit

When I take my time to call you up

don’t give me the old cold shoulder

Remember all the time I took

to make you hot and smolder

So while I understand you’re in demand

and it’s hard to find some time

just don’t forget my busy man

perhaps you are wasting MINE









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