Getting my Groove Back

I woke up this morning

on the wrong side of the bed

with a stomach that was rumbling

an ache in my head

My first thought of course

what did I do last night?

Then I remembered


No that can’t be quite right

Why only yesterday

I was footloose and free

Now I am feeling old

When did this happen to me

It makes me feel witchy

More than a tad bit bitchy

This is no way to start the day

So I put on my big girl panties

Not my worn out ole grannies

Then out the door to face the fray

And time marches on…..

Starting to feel real sassy

Just a little bit bad assy

Nothing will stand in my way

No more excuses

I’ll be aces not deuces

I just know my good mood will stay

Fast forward to later…..

Now I am out with the masses

Can’t find where my sass is

I’m starting to feel rather blue

Seems no one can see me

They can’t even hear me

only want what I feel is my due

To be treated like gold

And not feel so old

I could use just a small dose of glee

I know in a moment

I am just going to blow it

But wait…

What is this that I see?

A very handsome young man

heading my way


And yes, he is looking at me

He waves and he grins

My thoughts turn to sin

Feeling a little weak in the knees

Just because I’ve become older

Don’t mean I can’t smolder

My good qualities I am starting to see

Now I’m getting back on track

I feel my groove coming back

No, Stella’s got nothing on me!
























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