Dog Bite Days

I woke up this morning

with a song in my head

and a wonderful feeling

I had nothing to dread

So out the door I went

to take a short walk

to enjoy the sunshine

and hear the birds talk

When I spied something

small and flat on the ground

Oh look what good luck

it’s a penny I’ve found

I found some treasure

didn’t even need a map

but then I discovered

it was just a beer cap

Oh well I sighed

I’ll not shed a tear

at least someone, somewhere

is enjoying a beer

So on I went

my good mood still intact

determined to enjoy the day

and that was just that

Then I saw some wildflowers

on the side of the road

I just had to pick them

if truth were to be told

So a handful I took

but soon I started to itch

I’d run into poison ivy

Now ain’t that just a bitch

No worries I told myself

I’ll just make up a potion

and rub myself down

with some calamine lotion

I was still trying to stay positive

don’t you see

I wasn’t going to let this day

get the better of me

So onward I strolled

a little less pep in my step

but I wasn’t ready to give up

at least not quite yet

That’s when I saw a little dog

so cute I had to laugh

that is until he decided

to take a bite from my calf

Now I’m battered and bruised

feeling quite all alone

All I want to do now

is get the hell home

I was starting to feel

a little sorry for me

so I looked to the skies

through the leaves of the trees

to ask the dear Lord

why these things happened to me

Was it something I did

Perhaps something I said

that’s when a bluebird

suddenly pooped on my head

Now some people say that

it can bring you good luck

but frankly I’ll tell you

it really just sucks

Thus ended my walk

now I’m filled with sorrow

I’m going back to bed

but I’ll try again tomorrow!










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