I fell in love with a cowboy
With boots and a cowboy stride
But he traded off his dusty boots
For a corporate suit and tie
No longer does he sing his cowboy songs
About love beneath the moon
It’s business now that takes his days
There’s no time for him to croon
It’s money now that thrills his heart
All the things that it can buy
Power, fame and fortune
Why can’t he see they lie
Money can’t buy him happiness
He can’t find real love through gold
The best things in life are the things
That can’t be bought or sold
Sooner rather than later
This lifestyle will take it’s toll
Sadness will overtake him
when he loses his Cowboy soul
So put your boots back on my Cowboy
I’ve been waiting all along
Come back to the love that we once had
And sing me your Cowboy songs

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