Fall aka Pumpkin Spice Season

Summer fades a little slower here
Though the calendar says it’s Fall
Southern weather pays no attention
The heat has got it’s gall
Temperatures just keep climbing
No leaves are on the ground
But where do you think many Southerners
Already can be found
In line at the nearest Starbucks
Where the coffee freely flows
Ordering pumpkin spice lattes
With whipped cream, please, to go
I’m sorry that’s just not my thing
I don’t answer to that call
I’m more of a Summer kinda gal
Who’s not quite ready for the Fall
While hoodies, boots and sweaters
can look so very sweet
I still want to wear sundresses
and walk in my ole bare feet
And while scalding hot coffee
May be just the drink for you
I much prefer an icy margarita
In truth I like a few
But alas much too soon
true Autumn will have to start
And me and my golden tan
Soon will have to part
But don’t worry about Autumn
With it I will play nice
Just don’t ever expect me
To learn to love Pumpkin Spice!

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