The Barn in the Rain

Out in the country on a hot summer night
Two near strangers standing close but not touching
Both wondering what was to come next
Then the thunder clapped and the rain began
He took her by the hand and pulled her into the barn
Taking shelter from the outpouring of the skies
She took in the smell of wet earth combined with his scent
She reveled in the sound of raindrops on the tin roof
And the huskiness of his voice as he whispered her name
Music played softly from an unseen radio somewhere in the dark
He took her in his arms and she trembled
Don’t be afraid he said it is only a passing storm
How could she tell him it was not the thunder she feared
But the tempest of emotions he had invoked in her
She didn’t answer just nodded and laid her head upon his chest
She listened in awe to the rapid beating of his heart
Knowing she was the cause of it, not the squall outside
Then he leaned down to kiss her waiting lips
And they created their own storm there inside the barn

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