Ode to Halloween or Ghouls Night Out

It’s Halloween time so give a big BOO
Time for us witches to stir up some brew
If not some brew then some trouble instead
Just enough to make a vampire see red
It’s his favorite color, so oh what the heck
Go ahead be a bad ghoul and serve him your neck
Maybe you prefer a werewolf with a sexy growl
That by the light of the moon can make you both howl
So many monsters to choose from…
it can drive you insane
Why not a cute zombie? He’ll fall for your brains
A guy wrapped up in only bandages could be quite yummy
As you whisper in his ear, Tell me, who is your Mummy
Well creatures of the night, my rhymes are now done
But be sure to get out Halloween night….
And scare up some fun!

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