My Visit with Santa

Tis the Christmas season
once again
Time to go and visit
my jolly old friend
The one with the white beard
and the suit of red
The one from which
you have nothing to dread
Cause this time of the year
that is the schtick
to go and have a talk
with dear ole Saint Nick
So off to the mall
I headed with glee
To take my own turn
upon Santa’s knee
Since I had a list
that was long as my arm
I knew I would have to
turn on all of my charm
Santa Baby,
I whispered in his ear
You know that I’ve been good
Through out this whole year
I have been so kind, so mild, and so meek
And I placed a small kiss
upon Santa’s cheek
That’s when Santa gave me
a little nudge under my chin
And asked Are you sure
You’ve committed no sin
It’s seems you’ve forgotten
that Santa knows all
Do you really think
you deserve such a haul
Why Santa I answered
with a sly kind of grin
My only true vice
is flirting with men
And since you’re a man
I’ve just got to say
I think I’ll have no problem
in getting my way
HO HO HO Santa answered
you think I don’t know
I’ve seen you in action
Beneath the mistletoe
And at being naughty
You are really quite good
So I’ll put you on my nice list
Just like you knew that I would
And with my mission accomplished
I bid Santa a fond farewell
And a very Merry Christmas
From his favorite Southern Belle

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