She is a magical raven haired woman
with eyes as boundless as the moon
Men fall in love with her much too fast
she leaves them all to all too soon
How they long to feast on her cherry stained lips
yet never will they get their fill
For she is a wild and free hearted spirit
she won’t bend to just any man’s will
They may wish to adorn her with jewelry
and place it upon her sun kissed skin
But she doesn’t care for diamonds or pearls
these things her heart will not win
She would rather just dance to the music
the songs that she hears in her head
A twirling and whirling danseuse
rumpling the sheets of your bed
You will want to capture her restless heart
so many others have tried heaven knows
But not just one love could satisfy
the want of the sweet Gypsy Rose

ngnlkew so

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