Beautiful by Candlelight

Lighted candles on the bedside table
the perfumes of Jasmine, Lilac, and Musk
Masquerading the small room as a moonlit summer meadow
fresh crisp linens adorned the bed where she lay
as she waited upon the one she loved
She had bathed in gossamer bubbles
until her skin became a rosy hue of pink
and was as soft as downy feathers
How she longed to be beautiful in his sight
she prayed the flicker and shadow of the candlelight
would somehow hide from him her imperfections
The flaws and the faults that the rest of the world
was always so ready and keen to reveal
She held her breath in nervous anticipation
as he came to lay there at her side
Eyes closed she could feel the warmth of his breath
as he softly whispered ” Open your eyes to me”
She did and saw her reflection mirrored in his
only then could she exhale
For she saw the reality
She was beautiful

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