Once upon a time

there was a witch

who had been cursed

with a seven-year itch

Since no more scratching

could she endure

she  took to her cauldron

to find a cure

But no eye of newt

nor  tongue of toad

could ease her from

this loathsome load

Since there was nothing

more that she could do

she decided to go out

and have a “brew”

But it’s no fun

to drink alone

at least not for

a  party loving crone

So she took to her broom

for a midnight flight

it’s never too late

to go out for a fright

Flying  along in the chilly night air

thinking to herself

Men had better beware

She was feeling kinda sexy

more than a tad bit hexy

It was definitely time for prey

So she searched through the night

for  the one who was just right

Someone who wanted to play

She knew she needed somebody

that could satisfy this itch

Because her own self scratching

had become quite a bitch

Then she spotted a bar down below

and sashayed inside to give it a go

It was there that she found

her true love match

a  warlock that had

the right kind of scratch

So all turned out “fright” for her

on this all Hallows Eve

cause her itch it got scratched

by a manwitch named Steve
























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