“Where am I,”  I cried

Never had I been in a place so black

so devoid of light and air

Loneliness and despair thickened the atmosphere

It seemed I was in an empty void

yet I felt the presence of legions

“She doesn’t know,” came a whisper

and then another and another

“How can she not,” said one

“Well she has just arrived” came the reply

“Sometimes it takes a while to realize…”

Suddenly I was suffocating

surrounded in the darkness

by a million voices

each with a tale to tell

each wanting to be heard

Stories I knew I could not bear

for somehow they seemed so familiar

I called out for you again and again

wishing to hear your voice above the rest

Longing for you to tell me

you were here with me

together forever and always

but your silence was deafening

“He can’t hear you”, said the voices

“He is far, far  away”

“No!”, I cried

“he was just here”

“I was holding his hand”

“but somehow I got lost”

“Poor girl”, they sighed

“Soon enough you will realize”

“You aren’t lost”

“this is your destination”

“He led you here”

“It is where you belong”

“Your new dwelling”

“Welcome to the land of the forgotten”








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