She wasn’t like most of the women in her small Southern town

no, not by a long shot

She hadn’t grown up like so many others

the ones that sipped sweet tea in gazebos

and passed gossip while sitting on their Mama’s front porch

In fact much of the gossip that was passed around in her town

had been about her very  own Mama

God rest her soul

And for better or worse she had turned out just like her

Her tongue was more salty than sweet

her sense of humor wicked

She did not easily blush for she had heard it all before

Playing the naivete was not for her

she understood a good double entendre

truth be told she was a master of the art

Life had thrown her some curves and she flaunted them

showing a little cleavage was as natural  to her as breathing

And how the men loved to watch her take a deep breath

while the women loved to talk about her beneath theirs

She was wildly loved by more than she could mention

despised by a few she had left broken hearted

But  as of yet no one had tamed her unbridled heart

Yes, she was a woman of her own making

living her life as she saw fit

never aspiring to become a simpering saccharine Belle

she remained true to herself…

A shot of whiskey in a sweet tea world






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